Sunday, May 01, 2005

Aging and wrinkles: Could the clock be turned back.

World over women have always craved for ways to erase those annoying lines around eyes and neck that come with age. If a new study on age reversal is to be believed, it might just be a dream come true for millions of the fairer sex.

Researchers studying a childhood syndrome have shown that some features of premature aging like wrinkles may be reversed in the lab.In the study, published in the issue of Nature Medicine, researchers saw that premature aging was linked to genetic mutations of a protein found in cells. They then found that by changing the protein-synthesis machinery of the cells, the genetic mutations linked to the premature aging process are not formed.

A medical website which has published this research says while these are preliminary findings, the results clearly establish a ‘proof of principle’ for the reversal of the premature aging process in this syndrome and potentially in normal, healthy people.

"A great deal of research and effort is going on to study whether it is possible to reverse the aging process. But it cannot be said for sure that aging can be reversed. However, a number of cosmetic treatments are available today which to some extent slow the process and help clear wrinkles and blemishes," says Dr Anil Kumar Malik, a cosmetic and laser surgeon.

"Oxidation damage is considered an important cause of skin aging. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation or certain chemicals cause the collagen fibres to get oxidised and thus weak, leading to wrinkling and sagging of the skin," says beauty expert Shahnaz Hussain.

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